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Kunlun Group Headquarters

Hangzhou, China

The Kunlun Group project calls for a development inland of the Yangtze River, a manufacturing hot spot in the midst of the Hangzhou metropolitan area, which is now undergoing a rejuvenating transformation. Our concept includes an environmentally sustainable office design to both the tenants of the building, as well as the public. Lush hanging gardens are proposed on top of outside walk-ways to add a, “greening” effect to the public in such an industrialized area. This in theory would greatly enhance not only the air quality, but also the quality of life for the users of the building and the pedestrians in the streets.

Composed of a dual-structure, The Kunlun Group Headquarters would in essence be a semi-open building, with multiple walkways connecting both separate structures on multiple levels. Outlined on the sides of the walkways would be beautifully lit gardens, cascading down a plethora of green colors to a multitude of separate tenants. The Kunlun Group would not be the only tenants to the building, as they would only rent out 10,000 square meters, giving ample opportunity to rent the remainder of the building out. The height of both buildings would be approximately 80 meters, with each floor being 1200 square meters additionally.