Bakers’ Best Catering

High-quality food preparation in a space that generates culture, community support, and business success

Synopsis: Most large-scale food production facilities appear industrial, de-emphasizing design aesthetics and worker experience. Bakers’ Best breaks this mold with a luminous space that places equipment to support workflow and efficiency. A series of co-joined, inter-visible spaces combines production, administrative and executive functions to foster a collaborative culture.

Description: In 1984, Newton native Michael Baker founded a storefront bakery. Success came quickly, thanks to his delicious products and superior service. Over the years the Newton business expanded to include a dining area for breakfast and lunch as well as a growing basement kitchen that met catering demands. In 2007, Baker decided to focus exclusively on catering and built out a 20,000 SF state-of-the-art commissary with corporate offices in an old industrial building in nearby Needham.

PLA worked with Baker and his executive team to create a design that reflected his company values. In addition to equipment functionality, workflow and technical demands, the new kitchen prioritizes user experiences of company chefs, assistants, administrative/sales staff and executives.

Its thoughtful, inspired design comprises open, functional, naturally lit spaces that break down the distinction between food production and administrative spaces. Large expanses of glass reveal them, in the spirit of Baker’s open, transparent culture. Proper placement of equipment in a well-chosen location yields a clean, well-resolved space for producing great food for Bakers’ Best clients.

Bakers’ Best breaks the mold with a luminous space that places equipment to support workflow and efficiency.