Somerville Brewery Company

Testing potential sites for a new brewery

Synopsis: These studies reflect PLA’s ability to quickly generate design options that can be used by entrepreneurs, developers, or clients with pressing schedules. These designs tested the ability of certain buildings to accommodate a new brewery.

Detailed Description: A new brewing company sought a workable location for its brewery and in-house tasting room in Somerville, Massachusetts, a hip, and up-and-coming community just north of Boston’s business center. The tasting room also had a limited menu, allowing patrons to replenish growlers, pick up orders, or get a bite to eat.

The concept was intended to immerse visitors in the brewery’s setting so they could witness the making of beer. For this purpose, the brewing equipment and its space had to satisfy functional parameters while being presented dramatically.

As part of the site selection process, we generated a number of quick design studies that enabled the owners to see if the considered spaces could accommodate their facility goals. This required a quick turnaround in design and presentation production.