PLA prides itself on its capacity to produce eye-catching renditions of design projects. We love to engage in the representational process, be it for a project study for a client or a more speculative or theoretical design investigation.

In either case, through the creative process we consider the best ways to explore and represent spaces, forms, materials, tectonics, people, and the spaces they occupy. We do this through the use of multiple media, digital or analog, often mixing the two. We invite our clients to participate by witnessing and engaging in our process of crafting compelling images and beautiful spaces.

We are also available to assist other firms in manifesting their special representational projects.

Drawing gallery categories include Digital Renderings, Sketches, Pastels and Watercolors, Charcoal Studies, Collages, Design Process Sketches, Hybrid Drawings (digital and analog), and Napkin Sketches.