New England Collections: Terminal A

Airport retail elevated to a higher level

Synopsis: This sequence of individual yet interconnected “retail zones” entertains shoppers awaiting their flights by emphasizing the quality of each zone’s products in an enticing, elegant manner. This outlet also integrates pictorial and architectural representations of local landmarks to bring cultural and regional context to the shopper experience.

Description: This fit-out typifies the many retail outlets we have designed for airports and other locations with a challenging site, permitting and scheduling conditions. We drew on our years of collaboration with New England Collections’ founder/president to shape the visual identity and brand of her stores while assuring tasteful, effective display of wares and goods. Working with architectural photographer Peter Vanderwarker, we integrated some of his images of local landmarks and icons into the retail environment. Complementary colors, shelving, and display areas were coordinated with lighting strategies, which enhanced the different qualities of four different “retail zones” within the store. Each zone possesses its own set of goods and appropriate displays, yet seamlessly flows into other zones, encouraging visitors to linger and enjoy the experience as they wait to board their flight.