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Maine Retreat

Lovell, ME  USA

Located on the banks of Heald Pond in Lovell, Maine, this family retreat faces west and offers expansive views of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. The tendency in designing a home with such a spectacular view is to orient the house parallel with the water, such that all rooms have floor-to-ceiling views of the landscape. Instead this scheme utilizes a cinematic method; the landscape emerges gradually as one moves through the house. This effect was achieved by distributing the program across five separate volumes. The initial entry volume is oriented perpendicular to the water’s edge and the road, while the remaining volumes splay incrementally in a sweeping curve. Each of these volumes decreases in size, (based on a logarithmic proportioning system) and is nestled and interlocked with its adjacent volumes. The house is further rooted to its site through a material palette that calls to mind the local barn-building tradition.