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Chuanhua Villas

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province  China

Located on the edge of Hangzhou’s growing metropolis, ChuanHua is a new development for 18 custom designed villas. The images included here represent the first of five villas designed.

The relatively flat and lightly wooded site is bisected by a wide canal. The individual site parcels are designed to work with the qualities of the site, its topography and ecology as well as allowing each parcel to have direct access to the canal. No two parcels are identical. A boardwalk aligns the canal, providing public access to the waterway and its piers.

As the first villa designed, its scale and ambition is great since it is intended to attract other buyers for adjacent sites. The house is designed to support the demands of potential clients (CEOs and Directors) that frequently host and entertain multiple sets of guests; the house has several kitchens, dining and public spaces. All of them are organized around a central circular courtyard that links the subterranean level with the upper three floors.

One side of the villa is organized within a “bar” building. The lower two floors have an interior lap pool, a spa and an indoor theater. The upper two floors are occupied by guest quarters and gardens.

The rest of the public spaces ring around the circular courtyard, offering views both of the courtyard and the exterior landscape – canal.