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Cape Cod Retreat

Cape Cod, MA  USA

This house, which perches on the edge of a dramatic bluff, offers expansive and stunning views of the Bay. Because it sits on an ecologically sensitive site, one susceptible to the destructive and erosive effects of wind and rain, the house distributes its program delicately in three separate volumes. These one-story volumes are parceled according to program to reflect the respective requirements of public living spaces, studio and guest quarters. The program spaces were laid out in consideration of numerous factors, including internal requirements, prevailing winds for natural ventilation, optimized views, location preferences relative to the site, as well as the shape, placement and configuration of outdoor spaces and courtyards. The choice of materials; cedar, native stones, and sand-colored concrete serves to strengthen the connections to the gentle hues of the surrounding dunes.

The entrance to the site is perpendicular to the beach and the ridge, offering an axial view of the town across the bay. Staggered garden walls rise gently from the dunes to define paths and outdoor spaces. The artist studio teeters on the partially submerged garage. The space between the studio and main house creates a courtyard, a place of relaxation and repose.

The master bedroom suite is located on the second floor, and precariously negotiates two of the volumes of the main house, the primary living spaces and the guest quarters. The space spanning beneath the bedroom acts as the entrance to the living quarters. This “bridge” frames dramatic views of the bay from the entry court, but when viewed from the beach, the bridge acts as a gateway from the water to the rolling dune-scape beyond. The habitable spaces of the house itself then delineate a threshold between these changing site conditions, that of the beach and the water and the dune.