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Cambridge Bus Stop

Cambridge, MA  USA

Serving as the primary bus stop for a university in Cambridge, MA, this bus stop is shaped to support the activities and social life consistent with its utilitarian function and its role in campus life. The site is located at the intersection of the Campus’s interior pedestrian route and a broad boulevard bisecting the campus. Monumental stairs affront the boulevard, leaving little room for a bus stop between the boulevard and building’s entry.

Nestled next to the impressively scaled stairs, the bus stop is made of three sets of materials and zones. Large limestone blocks, similar in size, color and type used in the university’s foundation, serve as sitting areas for those waiting for a bus. A bus stop’s roof is crafted out of steel reflects the engineering tradition of the university while providing a generously scaled canopy. In between the base and roof, spaces are defined by glass panels. They are located to shield winter winds, while opening out to the oncoming bus and more public edge of the boulevard proper.

Taken together, this bus stop is meant to convey a sense of permanence that is appropriate for its site, while supporting the informal social interactions that take place between students, faculty and passers-by. It also respects its historic context, while embracing a contemporary tectonics fitting of a science and engineering school.