A Resilience Tool Kit: Three Strategies for Addressing Rising Seas

Our Exhibit for the European Cultural Center (ECC) TIME SPACE EXISTENCE Exhibit at the 2023 Venice Biennale

We have been invited by the European Cultural Centre (ECC) to participate in their “TIME SPACE EXISTENCE” exhibit to be held at the Palazzo Bembo from May 20 – November 26, 2023.

Our exhibit is titled: “We are Venice, We are Boston.”
It offers three strategies for transforming low-lying cities like Venice and Boston, making them more resilient to rising sea levels. 
While focused on Boston’s harbor, each strategy can take root in other low-lying cities hugging coastlines, including Venice. For these strategies we turn to design research and design explorations, hoping to develop design interventions that can protect and reinvent city life.
The three strategies include:

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1. Floating Bridge

2. The Hydroelectric Canal

3. Dry Dock Greenhouse

Interested in visiting the exhibit? Here’s how to find us:

Our exhibit is at Palazzo Bembo (Riva del Carbon, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy). At Palazzo Bembo, our exhibit is in Room C12 on the first floor, which is at the back of the right side of the building (when facing the canal). To get to the room, come up the stairs, take a hard right, and go to the room at the very end of the long white hallway, past the toilet. Upon entering the room where our exhibit is, our exhibit is on Wall B – the far-left wall.

The European Cultural Centre (ECC) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting culture through international exchanges. Focusing on diverse topics within art, architecture and design, the ECC aims to create dynamic exhibition spaces that show the interchanging of ideas from different cultures. 

The Time Space Existence biennial exhibition is a recurring show in Venice that features a wide range of projects from an international and eclectic group of architects, artists, academics, and creative professionals at all stages in their careers. Through the years the exhibition has presented ongoing projects, revolutionary proposals, and utopian dreams of architectural expressions from internationally renowned figures.

To learn more about the ECC, please visit: and

Exhibit Design Team: Paul Lukez, Roni dos Santos, Safia Dziri, Ryan DeLaura, I-Ting Tina Lee, Bailee Maston, Xiao Li, Nathan Rutberg, Brianna Ramey

Renderings and Animation: Roni dos Santos

Graphic Design: Bailee Maston

Structural Engineering: Safia Dziri, Jennifer McClain / Richmond So Associates

Mechanical Engineering: Matt Bean / Norian-Siani Engineers

With many thanks to our sponsors: Wayne Davis & Louise Hara, and Panoramic Images Art