Alpine Bakery

A bakery reimagined as a renewable energy generator

Synopsis: This is a proposal to transform a bakery into a renewable energy generator with solar-paneled parking canopies, electric-car charging stations playfully shaped like alpine cows, PV solar panels on the bakery’s roof, and micro-wind turbines at its gateway.

Description: Working with the owner of an exceptional bakery with a menu inspired by alpine recipes, PLA developed a proposal exploring ways to transform an existing bakery and baked goods distribution/retail facility into an energy-sustainable business.

This is achieved in part by developing parking canopies that double as photovoltaic (PV) solar-panel infrastructures. Playfully painted alpine cow images are strategically located at charging stations for electric cars.

More PV panels are located on the bakery’s roof. Where possible, existing rooftop mechanical units are repositioned to optimize solar gain opportunities for the PV solar-panel arrays. Micro-wind turbines generate additional renewable energy, and their vertical supports function as an entry point at a prominently visible corner.