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Wenguang Towers

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Located at the edge of a new CBD in Hangzhou, this site is in close proximity to a boulevard running parallel to the Yangtze River. The parcel configuration is complex, as it abuts two major municipal facilities (CCTV (a Media Outlet), and Court House). It is also next to a new subway station, serving as a gateway to the city proper and a new satellite city across the river.

As part of the evolving CBD, this site provides multiple public amenities for the complex and adjacent office and residential towers. Besides providing office space, this complex also has a theater (for traditional Chinese theater), as well hotels, restaurants, shops and galleries.

Especially challenging was the building’s massing, since it needed to relate to the other two major buildings on the site, while creating a presence along the riverside. Consequently, the tower was sited to be viewed from across the river, from the bridge spanning it, as well as from the approach along the boulevard. The composition between the three towers needed to be balanced and appear intentional.

But the site design was not only about the tower, but included special consideration of the “bar” buildings framing the tower and its courtyard. These “bar” buildings help reinforce the block’s streetscape and pedestrian experience. On the East side, one of the “bar” buildings is “lifted” to both reveal the interior courtyard to passers-by and to connect the interior courtyard with the park across the street. The result is a series of buildings and spaces, whose geometry, form and use are inextricably linked to the surrounding context.

So to the tower itself, is sculpted and shaped to work with the geometry of the site, while also be being shaped by natural forces i.e. orientation to sun and wind.