Safia Dziri


Safia was born in France to Moroccan parents. She learned early on about the value of a multitude of approaches to life. This is why after getting an engineering degree in France, where she studied both engineering and architecture, she came to the US to further her knowledge of both topics at UC Berkeley. With master’s degrees in these disciplines, she now seeks to practice a design informed by her engineering background.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts/Hobbies: When I am not designing buildings, I enjoy designing and playing board games with my friends. I am also really interested in the animal world.

Do you have a favorite: musician, artist, or sports figure/team? My favorite musician is Queen.

What do you love about design? I am passionate about design’s propensity to bring people, communities, and the environment together and its potential to improve the status quo.

Something people don’t know about you: I own a geocache.