Jue Zhan  Green Design Union Strategic Partner

Jue has been a long time partner of PLA. She is the founder of GDU (Green Design Union) and involved in most projects PLA did in China with a key role of business development and client communication. Jue has always been promoting the concept of green and energy efficient architecture and emphasizing on the unique identity of each design project.

She believes that every building should local context, both environmentally and culturally. Jue is also the main PLA contact for the local media and academia in China, to whom she first introduced the concept of integrating sustainability and unique identity in architecture back in 2004.

Jue got her Bachelor of Environmental Design degree in Hangzhou China. Jue pocesses extensive design expereince in architecture, landscpae and urban design fields. She has worked in several international design firms in Hangzhou, Fukuoka, Japan and Boston, USA.

Jue also holds a Master of Accountancy degree from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, USA. With both backgrounds in finance and design, Jue provides a unique set of skills and expierence which become an invaluable asset of the company.