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Books Written, Edited and Contributed to by Paul Lukez

“Urban Edges Transformed.” Time-Based Architecture International, June 2009, TU-Delft, Vol. 6, p. 4. Invited as Guest Editor. Contributors include MVRDV, Ken Yeang, Urbanus, Portzamparc and others.

Suburban Transformations. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton Architectural Press, 2007.

New Concepts in Housing: Supports in the Netherlands (80-page booklet – 3,000 copies). Cambridge, Mass.: Network USA, 1987. Sponsored by SAR at TH Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Books Featuring Paul Lukez Architecture Projects

Kaufman, Mervyn, and the Editors of Women’s Day Special Interest Publications. “Cooking Truly Light,” in Contemporary Kitchen Style: The Essential Handbook for an Innovative Design. New York: Filipacchi Publishing, 2009.

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Books Referencing Paul Lukez on Urban and Suburban Issues

Kemp, Roger L., and Carl J. Stephani, eds. Urban Transportation Innovations Worldwide: A Handbook of Best Practices. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Company, Inc., 2015.

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Kendall, Stephen H., and Jonathan Teicher. Residential Open Building. London and New York: E & FN Spon, 2000. (Ref: Lukez, Paul. New Concepts in Housing: Supports in the Netherlands. Cambridge, Mass.: Network USA, 1987.)

Articles by Paul Lukez

“New Swiss Sustainable Concepts: Imagining a Greener Future.” High Profile, November 10, 2015.
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