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Xiamen Housing Hakka

Xiamen, Fujian Province  China

This project is located in Xiamen, a former treaty port in Fujian Province. Xiamen is a growing bustling city of 3.5 million residents. As relations with Taiwan continue to improve, Xiamen is viewed as a gateway between China and Taiwan. Consequently, massive infrastructure investment is being directed to the island city, set within a larger bay bounded by mountains.

Given the difficulties of finding available buildable land within the island city’s rugged topography, the mainland coast surrounding the island is being incrementally filled in along its edges. This massive civil engineering effort is yielding large swaths of flat land overlooking both the island city and mountains.

The building’s shape and orientation is parametrically determined by ambitious FAR requirements and natural lighting standards for each unit. The sites are pre-zoned; such that a very limited range of site plans options are available. The open space requirements are quantitatively driven instead of qualitatively, and tend to view the ground floor as a flat terrain, upon which towers are deployed in Corbusian fashion.