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Westfield Riverfront Visioning & Feasibility Study

Westfield, MA

With the completion of the Great River Bridge project comes the renewed access to the Westfield River. The opportunities for passive and active recreation in a context of commercial riverfront activity will be enhanced. Additionally, commercial and residential development opportunities within underutilized parcels and existing buildings offer potential for future growth and strengthening connections to adjacent neighborhoods.

The Paul Lukez Architecture team was asked to visualize a feasible conversion of an underutilized portion of prime riverfront property into a vibrant mixed-use area. The site is bordered by right-of-ways for future planned bike greenways and enjoys access to the Westfield River. Additionally the site showcases views of the Westfield River, Great River Bridges, and Clock Tower.

Paul Lukez Architecture is in the process of developing and visualizing four scenarios that address the City’s planning goals in varying ways, to be evaluated by the advisory committee. In creating these scenarios, PLA has teamed with McCabe Enterprises for economic development and planning expertise, and Pare Corporation for civil and traffic engineering consultation. The project is set for completion in July 2013.

Team Collaborators: McCabe Enterprises, Pare Corporation