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New England Collections

Boston, MA  USA

This fit-out is typical of the many retail outlets that the firm has designed for airport and other locations, where challenging site, permitting and scheduling conditions are the norm. Having worked with the founder and president of New England Collections over the last years, the firm has been able to help shape the visual identity and brand of her stores – while assuring that the presentation of wares and goods are displayed tastefully and effectively for sales.

Working with Peter VanderWarker (a famous Boston Based architectural photographer), images of local landmarks and icons shot by Peter were selected, and integrated into the display and retail environment. Complimentary colors, shelving and display areas were coordinated with lighting strategies which enhanced the different qualities of four different “retail zones” within the store. Each zone had its own set of goods and appropriate displays. Yet each zone was designed to seamlessly flow into other zones, encouraging visitors to linger and enjoy the experience as they wait to board their flight.