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MDCO Cambridge

Cambridge, MA  USA

The Medicines Company is a rapidly growing 500-person global pharmaceutical company based in New Jersey. It is currently expanding world-wide, including establishing a foothold in Kendall Square, Cambridge, a nexus for tech and bio-tech companies. This first outpost (6,000 SF) is designed to meet the needs of several permanent support staff, four senior executives, an visiting executives from NJ. Besides providing “office space”, this facility is designed as a kind of showroom and event space, a place where potential partners can be met to discuss serious scientific and business matters, or in a more informal and socially oriented manner.

Consequently, the flexible space was designed to be operationally efficient and functional, as well as dynamic and multi-functional. Reception desks unfold to become buffet tables, breakout spaces become cafes or wine bars, and tables, chairs and furniture systems are easily re-configured to support multiple scenarios for entertainment, negotiation, or work.