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MDCO Project Studio

Parsippany, NJ

Developed for The Medicines Company, a company specializing in scientific research, this project occupies one floor of its office headquarters. The look and feel of the space is more “industrial loft” than corporate, and the informal setting is intended to let participants relax and release their creative juices.

The client has as many as 400 project ongoing at any given time around the world. The Project Studio is designed as a place where project teams and staff from a variety of departments can come together and work on problem-solving and brainstorming exercises. Based on the Stanford University D-School model, specific processes for organizing creative encounters are provided and guided by group leaders.

There are series of pods which are demarcated by white boards on wheels, functioning as both wall and workspace. In addition, there is an array of accessory tools and systems that allow for both analog and digital tools to be used in documenting the intense discussions and brainstorming sessions. The residue of the creative work is left visible for other groups and staff to review, until which point new sessions and initiatives supplant them.

Since the space is so flexible and fluid, it was determined that it would be good to have a series of viewing / sitting platforms. These stage-like platforms help anchor and define the architectural space, separating lounge areas from work areas and passageways. In addition, curtains and lighting can be positioned and adjusted to create a wide range of layout configurations.