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Kadis House

Newton, MA  USA

We were hired to re-design the interior spaces of a house that was already under construction. The 5,000 SF house, typical of oversized suburban houses, was designed and constructed by a design-build contractor specializing in the high-end suburban market. Our task was to bring visual coherence to the interior of the house, adding a sense of scale and correcting awkward spatial relationships. In addition, the client asked the designer to develop a rich palette of materials, colors, textures, and details to embellish the primary living spaces. All of this needed to be accomplished on an accelerated schedule and coordinated in parallel with the contractor’s construction schedule.

Because of the extremely tight time schedule, CAD CAM software was used to design and model steel, glass and wood components which were conceived and assembled as a virtual and physical kit of parts. This accelerated the design, review, production, and construction processes. Hand drawn sketches were translated into digital models, allowing the clients and manufacturers to offer suggestions and revisions. The accuracy of the CAD drawings eliminated the need for shop drawings. Drawings were distributed to all metal workers and craftsmen, and electronic templates were used to laser cut the steel, glass, and metal elements. The steel was welded in a shop and installed on site along with pre-cut and pre-drilled glass and wood components.

Scale was introduced to the vestibule by adding two overhead planes, which anchor a glass and steel screen. The planes and screen help spatially define and differentiate the vestibule and the living spaces. In addition, the rich palette of materials (steel, glass, and wood) help adds warmth and visual interest to an otherwise banal space.