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Foxborough MA  USA

The last Foxborough Master Plan was undertaken in 1971, the same year that the new Shaefer Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, was opening. The Town of Foxborough recently began the master planning process to develop a town-wide shared vision and goals for the future of Foxborough, with a focus on economic development.

Under the leadership of McCabe Enterprises, with the assistance of Paul Lukez Architecture and Pare Corporation, a Master Plan is currently being developed for the Town. The Master Plan is being developed as a shared vision for the community to determine where it should be in the next twenty years. During this process, an assessment Town-wide of the existing conditions and challenges, in addition to an examination of future scenarios and needs are being discussed publicly, being developed and will be finalized.

The Master Plan is being developed to translate the needs, desired vision and scenarios for Foxborough’s future into specific plans and recommendations for future action. Once complete, the plan will provide public decision-makers with the goals and objectives of the community against which future decisions can be made.

Team Collaborators :McCabe Enterprises, Pare Corporation