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Alpers – Jannetta Residence

Dover, MA  USA

Situated on a small hill in Dover, MA the Dover Residence sits on a one-acre lot and views the Charles River through a screen of trees.

Enamored by their home’s relationship to the landscape, the clients sought to capture the site’s special qualities by integrating their home with its surroundings.  This integration was achieved through the construction of an addition that visually connects the existing structure with the river and improves the flow of the house and its spaces. Most importantly, the new home provides a welcoming environment for the clients’ extended family and friends.

The pattern of windows and cladding on the “bar” building filters natural light and strategically frames the relationship between interior uses and exterior landscape features. The custom steel and glass stairway, located off of the entrance vestibule and anchored to the backside of the fireplace, creates a dynamic vertical space that immediately orients the visitor to the home’s organization. A long vertical window reveals the home’s relationship to the river. A screen-like assembly of windows runs parallel to the river and draws the afternoon sun into the house. The kitchen anchors the overlapping spaces of the publicly oriented addition and privately oriented existing house, creating an integrated whole.