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Paul Lukez Architecture (PLA) was established in 1992. The firm’s charter calls for transforming environments into sustainable and poetic places. We believe that by listening carefully to our clients, and integrating research as part of our design process, we can create inspiring and transformative places.

Today the architecture + urban design firm continues to build bridges between academia and practice through design-research. Our Boston based-location, academic / professional experience and extensive network allows us to build strong multi-disciplinary teams capable of working on a wide array of project types both nationally and internationally. Paul Lukez has written and lectured widely on architecture, urban design and transformation, and has contributed to projects of all scales around the world.

The PLA staff consists of highly skilled and talented individuals whose enthusiasm and energy are only matched by their commitment to design of the highest quality. The firm’s in-house architects, urban designers, planners, landscape architects and interior designers are adept at working collaboratively with each other and other multi-disciplinary planning and engineering firms we bring on board as required by each project.

Our project sizes range from the small to the large, but always are unique in the special challenges they present. Consequently, each of our projects is based on research. That is, we aim to understand everything we can about the challenges and opportunities of a particular project and how the latest ideas and technologies can be integrated in meeting our client’s particular project needs.

Our firm is rooted in research-oriented practice, for which we have developed a four-stage design process that is based on the following four sets of actions: Listening / Researching / Designing / Testing