Dennis Grudkowski AIA LEED AP

Associate / Senior Project Manager

Dennis is from Glastonbury, CT, and received undergraduate and graduate degrees in Architecture from Northeastern University, Magna Cum Laude. He has been practicing architecture for 20 years and has been a licensed professional in the state of MA since 2009 and is a LEED accredited professional. His experience spans from institutional work, including hospitals and university lab work, residential work including local and international work in the Caribbean, and infrastructural work, including local water treatment facilities in MA and internationally in Kenya, Nairobi. Dennis’s architectural research includes computational design tools and fabrication methods with interest in leveraging digital tools to serve the craft of making Architecture.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts/Hobbies: I enjoy playing electric guitar and making music with others. Since 14 years of age, I have played in different musical contexts, including heavy metal bands, jazz ensembles, and solo classical guitarists. I believe that the best musical experiences happen when band members perform their parts and roles in ways that create something wonderful.

Do you have a favorite: musician, artist, or sports figure/team? One of my favorite artists is Kazimir Malevich, so much so, that I named my cat Kazimir Malevich, aka Orange Furball. I especially enjoy Malevich’s paintings, White on White and Red Square. I also love Miles Davis and am inspired by how Davis constantly reinvented himself and his music. Davis drew on many sources while defining new creative directions.

What do you love about design? I love the design process, researching the problem, finding ideas, and solutions to design problems with other design professionals and clients. Ideas can come from any source and can influence a project in unexpected directions. I love when design synthesizes these different sources and directions into solutions that meet project aesthetic, performance, and operational goals.

Something people don’t know about you: I didn’t plan to study architecture when I first began studying at Northeastern University. I planned on studying early childhood education. My roommate was studying architecture, and my mom nudged me towards architecture because she thought I would enjoy a profession that allowed me to use math, science, and art. That was halfway through my freshman year. My roommate dropped out.