Ava Mendelsohn

Design Intern

Ava is a senior in the dual-degree program at Tufts University and the School of the Museum of fine arts, majoring in Architectural Studies and Engineering Psychology at Tufts and Interdisciplinary Studio Art at the SMFA. She’s interested in combining her studies of art, design, and user experience into her architectural work and is particularly excited about focusing on sustainable design.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts/Hobbies: I love cycling, printmaking, and puzzles!

Do you have a favorite: musician, artist, or sports figure/team? My favorite bands are Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Fleetwood Mac and my favorite sports teams are the Giants and the Yankees.

What do you love about design? I believe that design is important in practically everything, whether obvious or not. I love that design provides the opportunity to shape and positively influence our interactions with other people, places, and the world around us.