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Construction is well underway since PLA released the first video in a three-part series detailing the design and building of a Net-Zero home in Harvard, MA. We are excited to share with you this second video, which tells the story of what makes a successful NZE home from the perspective of the home owner, contractor and architect.


Senior Project Architect / Manager Associate Track   Firm Introduction: Paul Lukez Architecture (PLA) is a Boston Based design firm deeply committed to “creating sustainable designs that enrich the environment and  elevate the human experience.”  In the past three years, the firm has been awarded over 10 regional, national and international design awards for design excellence. PLA is very fortunate to be serving outstanding clients on a range of projects in the US and sometimes abroad. Projects include working on “innovation spaces” (learning spaces, labs and offices), Interiors projects, Residential projects and Urban Design. The office provides a highly collaborative … Continued


Job Posting: Architectural Designer/Project Manager Are you looking for a position with an award-winning firm where you can be involved in all aspects of a project, from schematic design through construction administration? Do you like taking on lots of responsibility, meeting with clients, contractors, consultants and working directly with decision makers?  Do you want to be in a studio environment where the team values design, research and learning as part of its core mission? If so, Paul Lukez Architecture Inc. ( is seeking talented and committed young architects with 4-10 years’ experience. Applicants must have strong design skills, complimented with a … Continued


As an architect and educator, I love to study da Vinci’s Codex (“manuscript”), a series of portfolios of richly detailed drawings and writings. Historians estimate that some 30 of the Codex’s 90-odd portfolios survive in some form. Each sheet reveals a new set of incredibly intricate images depicting anatomical sections, mechanical devices, fortifications, buildings, and studies in mathematics and geometry. The Italian notes and texts were written backwards (right to left) so they could be read in a mirror. Digitally leafing through the Codex portfolios invites surprise and wonder. da Vinci composed the panoply of drawings, diagrams and texts in … Continued

A Glimpse into a Greener Future: The “Swiss-US Innovation Days” Conference in Zürich By Paul Lukez   Introduction As majestic alpine profiles come into full view, Daniel Lepori, CEO of Designergy, a building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) manufacturer, warns us as we glide onto the highway on-ramp, “Keep your heads up against the headrest, unless you want to bruise your brain.” But suddenly Nico Lauer and I find ourselves traveling over 100 km (≈ 62 miles) per hour – all in 3.2 neck-snapping seconds. Absent was the growling baritone of the Ferrari Testarossa. Instead, with noiseless efficiency the electric power generated by … Continued

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