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Landscape Urbanism Revisited I had the good fortune to go to Vancouver, Canada, recently to meet a new client. This beautiful city is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities, offering a high quality of life. One reason for this is Vancouver’s remarkable natural setting. The central city is bounded by water on three sides, farms to the south and west, and towering mountains to the north. The climate nurtures lush forests and vegetation, which are richly intertwined with the urban landscape. But a great natural setting alone does not make a great city. The planet is … Continued

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A little over four years ago, we were asked to design a large multi-use project (H-MAX) in ShoaXing, China, the home of some of the nation’s most famous poets. ShaoXing is also the birthplace of Zhou Enlai, Premier of the People’s Republic of China from 1949 to 1976, who met with U.S. President Richard Nixon during his 1972 visit to China and helped to improve US-Sino relations. The 1.5 million-square-foot H-MAX encompasses a variety of uses, including hotels, theaters, restaurants, teahouses, retail, housing, and even a luxury car showroom. Its sheer size and strategic urban location offered us an opportunity … Continued


With a chance to gain some fresh air and head out of the office for a day, the PLA crew (missing a few key members due to sporting injuries) were anxious to head up the 2,005 ft. high mountain. Climbing one of New England’s many mountains provided PLA staff members the opportunity to bond with colleagues, while also getting some healthy exercise. Luckily, it was not as HOT as the office hike from 2013 (98 degrees Fahrenheit!) to Mount Monadnock, the staff were able to enjoy a more mild hike this time around. As part of PLA’s annual tradition, we … Continued


Stana’s apartment in Split, Croatia. 3) How did you get into the field of Architecture and Design? Actually, it’s kind of funny, I got into architecture accidentally because, I wanted something technical but had creative elements. Architecture just happened come across my path and I began to like it because it did allow me to be creative, but hone the technical skills which I was also good at. 4) What drives you to continue in this field? I had a really good experience in school. It was really awesome to be able to dream big right out of the gate. … Continued

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Satoshi Ebina, Ph.D., of Tokyo, a longtime friend and colleague of Paul Lukez Architecture (PLA), recently came to visit Boston, Mass. As founder of the Boston Bridge to Higher Education (BBHE) program Satoshi’s goal is to build a communicative bridge between Boston and Tokyo based on educational exchanges between the cities. To do so, he annually takes small Japanese groups on tours of Boston and Cambridge. The ages of the participants depend on the specific tour he conducts—sometimes, senior executives participate; other times, he focuses on secondary-school students. All of his tours provide a rich array of educational opportunities for … Continued

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