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By: Paul Lukez Boston’s 2024 Olympics nomination presents a unique opportunity to invest its vast educational, technological and athletic resources toward not only hosting this time-honored international sports spectacle, but also heightening the city’s climate-change resiliency. Boston can now build on its historic harbor city identity while facing environmental threats to its future by combining an Olympic City’s required infrastructural investments with those needed to protect its coast. Better yet, let’s harness the harbor’s amenities as a focus for Olympic upgrades, as a means of linking its future development to its rich heritage by making the harbor a model metropolis … Continued


Can We Do It? Ask any Bostonian to describe their hometown, and watch them beam at their mention of world-class universities, stellar cultural institutions, innovative technology companies, and championship-caliber sports teams. Although public support for the 2024 Olympics has dwindled recently, our civic pride will certainly move Olympics fans who reach our shores. But unless drastic changes occur in the next nine years, something else won’t go unnoticed: our transit system. Future visitors will inevitably encounter the MBTA’s quirks. But Boston’s recent blast of record-breaking arctic weather made the T’s deficiencies more obvious. If it can’t weather storms, how can … Continued


1) What’s your full name and where are you from?  My official name is Luoqi Chen, but my friends here like to call me Rocky. I actually love this name because it fits me. It is the very first step to accommodate myself to a different culture, meanwhile, it represents my Chinese name very accurately. I am from Beijing, China and this is my sixth year here in the states. 2) What is your position here at PLA and how did it come about?  My first time joining PLA was the summer of 2010. At that point, I was just … Continued


1) What’s your full name and where are you from? My name is David Orndorff, and I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. 2) What is your position here at PLA and how did it come about? I’m a designer here at PLA. I met Paul through the career fair at Washington University in Saint Louis last March, and I was fortunate enough to get an interview with him the next day. Shortly after, he offered me a position as a designer, so I moved to Boston with my girlfriend and started working for Paul. 3) How did you get into the field of … Continued


1) What’s your full name and where are you from?   Josh McDonald, from Oldsmar, Florida. 2) What is your position here at PLA and how did it come about? I am a designer here at PLA. It all came about because Paul sat in as a guest critic for my master’s thesis project at USF and reviewed the work I had done for the past year. He took an interest in my work and I was offered a position up here in Somerville, MA. 3) How did you get into the field of architecture and design? What intrigued you about it? My … Continued

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